How Does Eating Healthy Help You Live Longer – Avoiding Refined Foods

    There are many different ways to keep a healthy and stronger body but many at times most people confuse eating junk foods to eating healthy which is totally not true and misleading to those who are in such practice. Questions on how does eating healthy help you live longer depends wholly on the type of food/diet plan an individual chooses to make it a habit. Which means that a peoples habit on food choices determines how long a person can live, which also means eating organically both food and drinks. With these practices, you can assure yourself how stronger your immune system is becoming by consuming mostly whole foods.

    These are some of the things you can do to help yourself, making a strict diet plan for yourself and hooking upto it by staying consistent with what you plan do. And of course it’s hard to change/be unique in this world, but having a goal of eating healthy to live longer is very important when you switch eating bleached foods(whitened foods) like white rice, white sugar, white bread, refined flour and even pasta etc.


    Why Bleached Foods Are Not Nutritionally Good To Eat

    Eating bleached foods(processed food) is not nutritionally healthy for the entire body and not to even mention about the lack of vital nutrients which is absent within them due to the food processing made on them. Practically bleached foods like white rice, white sugar, white bread, refined flour and even pasta(among others), undergo through a food processing stages whereby it gets bleached(processed) meaning removing it’s nutrients away. This is why the above mentioned foods are presented in a white form as their end product for mass consumption which is not nutritionally right if we’re to eat for the benefits of the nutrition and not to only get full.

    So if it’s not above eating just to get full but rather getting the nutritional benefits, then you as an individual has to eat more whole products(unprocessed) which you can ask directly at your local supermarkets about whole foods like the mentioned foods above to be guided on what to choose. Which should bring as to our point on how does eating healthy help you live longer and stronger, the answer is well clearly stated on already which is making whole foods a priority in most parts of your food consumption.

    Disadvantages of Bleached Foods and You Should Choose Unbleached Foods

    One of the main reason why most food industries bleach or whiten certain food type is that, they want it to artificially look good in the eyes of its consumers and thus whitening foods like rice, sugar, bread, refined flour etc. The question here is why won’t they do the right thing knowing the implications they’re bringing to the person who’s going to consume it. Well it’s all about making money fast for these major industries and not about your health, because if they can fake the end product to look something good(they think) it sales faster. Below are some disadvantages of bleached(refined) foods;


    1. Bleached foods contains chemical chlorine
    2. Alloxan, a byproduct of the bleaching process is produced and it’s known to produce diabetes in lab animals.
    3. The majority of the essential nutrients are lost during the bleaching process.
    4. It may also contain toxic iron fillings with is big No to have in consumption.
    5. It may as well contain residues of 15 and more pesticides.



    1. All the vitamins and nutrients are intact as it remains in its natural state.
    2. It has no chemical bleaching.
    3. It contains no pesticides.
    4. It has no toxic additives or preservatives.
    5. And also has no toxic iron fillings in them.


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