How To Improve A Quality Of Life – Strengthen Your Immunity With Q-Ion

There are many ways to go about when you’re having the desire to strengthen your immunity which in many times becomes frustrating to choose which supplement or diet on how to improve a quality of life for a more fulfilling lifestyle. It’s very easy to waste a lot of money or time before you find the right one to go with. Here on this page is one of the most powerful immune booster which has many relying on to better their immunity even before the pandemic and it’s called the Q-Ion. It also has a multi functional ability which helps to protect your entire body from any common illness or symptoms that will interfere with your healthy life.

Due this we’ve researched more into the importance and the benefits of the Q-Ion and it’s elements for supporting you with the best immune system supplement and to also withstand the hard times we’re facing with the pandemic or particularly with any health improvement which deals with your immune aspect of yourself. It’s a very improved brand of any immune supplement you’ve ever had or used looking at the research backing this particular product by Dr. John Gordon in which we’ve explained most of the amazing benefits of the product below.

The Q-Ion Immune System Booster And Why It’s Important To Us

The Q-Ion was researched and produce by Dr. John Gordon who happens to be part of the frontline in the Emergency department(USA). He happens to be a strong believer in strengthening the immunity of the body which will eventually helps to fight potential airborne pathogens, microbes and any sort of infections and through the state-of-the-Ion-Blast technology this product was realized. With only a bottle to get your entire body prepared to block pathogens and most importantly boosting your anti-bodies to ramp up your natural immune system defense.

The Q-Ion is a doctor approved immune system booster particularly meant for strengthening and protecting quicker your immune system. Not only does it deals with only one problem but it also has a multipurpose functionality for minor illnesses which has millions of people flooding over this product to fight dangerous symptoms such as Cold & Caugh, High Fever, Deep Fatigue and Respiratory issues. With the research made by Dr. John Gordon on how to improve a quality of life, he made sure that the Q-Ion supplements appears with natural ingredients which means that they’re non-GMO, Vegan friendly, Gluten free and with no addictives.

Some Amazing Benefits for Having Yourself One of this Product

As we’ve made mention initially or previously there is a serious need to protect yourself and your family looking at how a deadly airborne pathogen(Covid) can defeat your immunity as a person and thus there’s a need to fight back even tho we’re not guaranteeing that this supplement from Q-Ion will help you from catching an infection but at least we can all try to protect our defense system anyway as possible. Primarily whiles strengthening your immune system your body can start to a defense system also against catching infections/toxins from Viruses(excluding Covid), Bacteria, Germs, Fungus, Carcinogens & Parasites.

Below are even more benefits of the Q-ION immune booster from Dr. John Gordon

1. Boost Recovery with Ion-Blast Technology;

Helps you to better absorb Zinc so you recover faster and enjoy a daily immune boost.

2. Energize and Fuel Your Cells Now;

The Q-ION’s immune-boosting ingredients help fuel your cells so that they can fight any harmful infections and keep energy high always.

3. Healthy Inflammation Response;

Bromelain may help reduce inflammatory symptoms of sinus and nasal infections so you can perform very well.

4. Strengthen Your Immune System;

The ingredients in Q-Ion also helps to block microbes and fortify your defenses against ‘immune invaders’.

5. Detoxify Your Body;

You’ll be getting a powerful antioxidants like Zinc, Quercetin, and GTE that help flush out toxins and keep you healthy year round.

6. Trusted By Frontline Doctors;

Protect yourself in these times, just like the frontline ER Doctor behind the breakthrough new Q-Ion formulation.



Why The Immune Defense Of This Product Is One Of The Best

Likewise the fact that we are humans/living beings we can’t neglect the fact to breathe and that’s why we’re very vulnerable to the airborne pathogens but with the breakthrough technology of the new Ion-Blast technolgy which was built in a Quercetin extract known as a “Zinc Ionophore”, a little compound which binds itself to Zinc making it absorb rapidly for the goal purpose of extreme immunity benefit. It should be noted that without this technology used to develop the Q-ION on how to improve a quality of life, Zinc alone is simply unable to achieve the levels needed for optimal immune benefits.

*Studies also shows that with the Ion-Blast and the Zinc extras combined benefits can be achieved within 2 hours.

Now back to what we were talking about of the pathogens, it can get access through your nose, mouth or eyes. Once they infiltrate through your body and once it’s inside, microscopic red spikes attach themselves to the host cell and then the pathogen(which is dangerous to weaken your immunity) starts to reproduce more than a billion version of itself.

To stop these dangerous pathogens from latching on to your cells, a powerful solution was needed, fast-acting solution that blocks them before it’s too late and that’s when the Ion-Blast technology comes into play. One of its function is to;

    1. Blocks Pathogen Entry Into Cell

The unique blend of all-natural ingredients reprograms the PH levels of your endosomes, helping to fight back dangerous pathogens from entering your cells.

    1. Prevents Pathogen Multiplication

It helps zinc – one of nature’s best immunity boosters and a core compound of Q-ION – to easily enter your cells, helping block the enzymes that allow pathogens to replicate.



Extracts Used And Its Benefits For Strengthening Your Immunity

The immune boosting track of this product is backed by the most powerful ingredients that has the goal purpose of boosting your immune system. The extracts that forms this product includes Zinc, Bromelain(Ananas comosus extract), Camellia Sinensis Extract and Quercetin. These four ingredients is what makes the Q-Ion one of the most powerful immune boost and not forgetting the Ion blast technology which makes the Zinc even much productive for our immunity. Below are some of the individual advantages of the mentioned ingredients and how they can help to better your healthy life.


1. Zinc:

Studies show it helps keep the immune system in check by managing your body’s response to inflammation. Our high-purity Zinc Citrate absorbs faster for maximum immune-boosting benefits in minimum time.


2. Bromelain(Ananas comosus extract):

A super-enzyme that is shown to help support your body’s respiratory and immune function. The University of Maryland found this enzyme even helps reduce coughs and nasal mucus.


3. Camellia Sinensis Extract:

A powerful antioxidant that helps reduce free radical damage that weakens your immune system. It also helps supply immune cells with fatty acids that serve as fuel for fighting against infection.


4. Quercetin:

A natural flavonoid found in “superfoods” like red wine, green tea, kale, and blueberries. This nutrient helps reduce the entry and fusion of deadly pathogens into cells.

Supplement Your Daily Life With An Immune Booster For Results

Now that you’ve known everything about the Q-Ion immune booster and what it’s all about, all it’ll take you now is to just take a try to start living a healthy life free from all the dangerous immune attacks we’re vulnerable to day in and day out. This product with all the amazing benefits such for Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral Immune System support, Non-Resistant Antibacterial and most importantly to protect you from any dangerous pathogens. And with that been said on how to improve a quality of life with the Q-Ion, you can start ordering for your product any time from now without wasting much time now!

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