Ways On How To Have A Healthy Lifestyle – Preventing Toxic In Food

    There are so many ways on how to have a healthy lifestyle which in almost every part will depend on you to take that bold decision and turn a difficult choice into a habit or a lifestyle. You don’t want to be part of the rest of the people who don’t even care about the future consequences of what they ingest but rather become very aware of what’s good and bad to eat, even minimizing gradually a bad eating habit until you can fully contain a good eating habit. It’s nothing complicated if you want to start living good(like we’ll say), putting a stop to eating a lot of junk food which cause health problems such as Obesity etc.

    It all requires you to balance your bodies pH level between an acidic level and an alkaline level. In a simplistic way of understanding, your alkaline level of your body(good) needs to be higher than your acidic level. Which in so doing will help you to extend your lifespan to living as longer as possible than to increase age acceleration, health issues and finally to an early death. Practicing and supplementing yourself with the best remedies like detoxing also on a regular basics can also lead to boost your immunity whiles been mindful of what you consume.

    An example also are soft drinks(soda) which mostly contains a lot of sugar in a single intake than you’re require to take in an entire day. Usually you’re suppose to take around 6 teaspoons or 24 grams of sugar daily but due to the over concentration of sugar on the part of most soda companies(like 9-12 teaspoon per can/bottle), it’s difficult to tell how much we’ve consumed in a day. The bottom line is for you to minimize your intake or in short, totally cut your consumption for a healthy life/body.


    What You Should Do After You’ve Bought Fresh Leafy Green Vegetables or Fruits

    It’s not always as safe as you might have already thought of ways on how to have a healthy lifestyle but one of the things you would have to deal with is to be aware of the harmful chemicals which is been sprayed on what we called healthy(fruits/vegetables). Most of these can be consume directly without second guessing about whether you should be cooking it or not and an example is an apple, cucumber, etc. or the leafy(vegetables) which in most part we neglect washing properly. When you buy any of the above mentioned fruits/vegetables, whether it’s been green leafy or not, the first thing that should come into your mind is proper treatment before consumption. You also choose the peeling method for fruits like Apple etc.

    An ideal way of doing this is to add Apple Cider Vinegar into the water that you use to treat or wash your vegetables or fruits, washing it thoroughly from any chemical that was been used to prevent pesticides from eating or destroying its growth process. It’s advisable to leaving in your fruit/vegetables, letting it sit in the water containing drops of the Apple Cider Vigar for maximum of ten minutes before washing thoroughly. This helps to ensure that all the toxic and harmful pesticides that can cause harm to your immune system or well-being is been washed away before it’s too late.


    What You Should Do If You’re A Victim Of Toxic Consumption

    A helpful way through if you had no previous knowledge about the toxicity aspect of the pesticides on your daily fruit & vegetables, then it’s quite obvious that you’ve been a long time victim and the only way to reverse the process is by Detoxing. The Apple Cider Vinegar is still the right/preferred product for this activity and it does it perfectly rooting to the bottom of cleansing any toxicity which was caused by pesticides on your fruits/vegetables. Since you’re here to learn the ways on how to have a healthy lifestyle whiles improving your pH level(Alkaline state) by eating more leafy green vegetables and fruits, let’s take this opportunity to highlight on the 17 health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar below;

    1. It improves digestion
    2. It lowers blood sugar levels
    3. It improves insulin sensitivity
    4. It helps you to lose weight
    5. It improves hair health
    6. It has an anti-aging properties
    7. It makes you feel fuller
    8. It helps reduce ance
    9. It reduces belly fat
    10. It reduces bloating
    11. It aids heartburn
    12. It lowers blood pressure
    13. It improves heart health
    14. It decreases cancer risk
    15. It kills bacteria
    16. It lowers cholesterol
    17. It contains antioxidants

    It contains 3 calories per table spoon which can be consumed 2-3 table spoon daily/night with a preferred choice of either hot water or cold water(8 oz).

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