What Is The Best Way To Avoid Cancer – Harmful Food Heating Habit

    As the right way to live a healthy life and avoiding one of the most deadliest disease in the world is about you learning/knowing what is the best way to avoid cancer whiles eating right. Most at times what causes cancer in most people account for the most part when it comes to how we choose to reserve our food. Also, when it comes to heating it up(the utensils used) after a day or two when we want to eat the reserve we’ve left in the fridge. It’s obvious that you might be asking yourself “how can heating up food or restoring food can cause cancer?”

    Well that’s a very good question to be asking and that’s the main reason why we’re here to provide you with the very best reason on why you should be very cautions on the very small things we ignore in life. So with that been said make sure you read everything about this post to get a clear understanding on what we mean or want to share with you and below is everything you should know about how to avoid cancer.

    When Heating Up Food Becomes a Major Problem or A Hazard

    First thing first, why do you think using radiation to heat up food is the right way for you to have a healthy body(if you want to). In an actual fact, when one tends to use a microwave to heat up any type of food, the reality of this activity is that you’re actually gathering the radiation from the microwave into one uniform unit which is absorbed by the water molecules or whatever food you’re beaming(heating) with the radiation. This can and will cause many health hazard like cancer because imagine eating food containing radiation on a constant basis, the negative implications that will bring to you and your family because you were sorry to say but ignorant to ask questions or research on similar topics like what is the best way to avoid cancer only to save your healthy life.

    * Below here also are some of the reasons why you should avoid a microwave to prevent you from the risk of having cancer

    1. Using a microwave to heat foods such as milk and cereals creates carcinogenic substances within them.
    2. Also almost 60%-90% of food nutrition are lost when using radiation to heat up food as well as a significant number of vitamin B, C, E and other essential minerals loses its value in the process.
    3. The problems here is that microwaved foods leads to a higher percentage of cancerous cells in the bloodstream.
    4. A major problem also when using the microwave(when it’s switched on) is that, the microwave field next to a microwave causes an abundance of health problems as well and it should be avoided at all cost to prevent the outlined health issues.

    The Right Cookware To Use When Heating Up Food on The Stove

    In many cases when we think about getting our food hot for consumption we might not even think of what materials were used in the manufacturing of that particular utensil we choose to use for heating our food, all we know is to get it hot and that’s all. The actual truth is that not every cooking utensil is right or correct for you to heat up your food for consumption and this is what you should notice very well. If you don’t know there are two types of cooking Utensil or pan and they’re listed below.

    1. A Sticky Utensil or pan
    2. And a nonstick utensil or pan

    What this truly mean is that a sticky utensil or pan leaves stains in it after using it for the whole purpose of heating up food whiles on the other hand a nonstick utensil or pan leaves no stains after using it for its purpose of heating or cooking.

    You should be avoiding any type of a nonstick utensil or pan because such cookwares are made of a highly toxic substance(plastic) such as PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) and another chemical compound known as PFOA(Perfluorooctanoic acid) which causes major risks of cancer. This takes effect as the cookware is been heated constantly at the moment its temperature reaches 572°c, it begins to emit the toxic coats into your foods which is very dangerous because of its highly toxicity, causes several types of cancer such as breast, prostate and ovarian cancer.



    *Always remember to never use Aluminum foil to wrap hot foods but only cold foods to avoid the aluminum getting into contact with the food whiles still hot as this also causes many other health complicated issues. So on what is the best way to avoid cancer, we hope what we’ve explained here on this post goes a long way to help you with your healthy life and how to avoid cancer with the minimum thing you do like cooking. Make sure you check out about our recent posts for many other valuable information.


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